Good times at “Happy Rock” :)

First day in Gladstone started with a nice full brekky at my host family’s house and as soon as we arrived to the City Council’s office, Mayor Gail and her staff offered us “morning tea”… well, in US we call it “all you can eat buffet” 🙂 If that wasn’t enough, shortly after, we had lunch at the Botanical Gardens. And since we all have two stomachs we proceeded to the Great Australian Ice-cream owned by Rod & Yvonne. It’s was absolutely fantastic! I had the passion fruit flavor (yummy). Still feeling full from lunch and ice-cream, surprisingly dinner time rolled around pretty fast and we ate again… bloody chook tasted really good. So much for Zumba 😉 Day was full of activities…  Thank you to our fellow Rotarians (especially Rod) for organized tours and Todd, for the opportunity to see how large cargo vessels are being mooring ashore… It was very fascinating!

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