Bundy…over the hill :)

Roo meat & salad

Mid-tour break! YAY! It was great to spend time with my team mates and just relax after going flat out like a lizard drinking (Aussie saying)… We ate at the great Italian restaurant Vivo Italia and relaxed near the pool. Likewise, Ross (the Rotary Club President) and his family had our host families and us for dinner and grilled absolutely delicious Kangaroo meat! It’s my favorite meat now and I wish we could ship it to US 🙂

Back yard 🙂


Next day, we had a please to spend time with our host families at Kathy and John Gardiner’s gorgeous house near the ocean. Prawns were fresh and delish, ocean beautiful & weather fantastic. It’s my kind of holiday!

At the Bundy Rum Distillery guided tour we took a look, felt and tasted our way through the making of the Famous Aussie Spirit. Starting with the raw material molasses, to the aromas of maturing spirit, our temptations run high for a refreshing sample in the bar with a variety of Bundy mixes and Rum liqueur based drinks. The Bundy Barrel interactive tour told us of its origins, ingredients, bottling and packaging through a unique range of activities and touch screens. From the unique spilled ginger beer flooring to bubbles in the entrance door of the tour, the barrel showcases Bundaberg Brewed Drink’s most famous product – Bundaberg Ginger Beer.

Bundy Rum Distillery


The Barrel

Base Hospital


My vocational day was very enjoyable. I had a chance to visit public Bundaberg Base Hospital and Friendly Society Private Hospital. Thank you to Luke Worth (CEO), Gerald Devine (Manager), Melissa Palmer (Credentialing Specialist) & Lorna Purkis (Executive Service Manager) for their time & giving me detailed info of their occupation and hospital’s daily operations!

Time in Bundy was even more special because of my caring host family Kay & Ray Harbert!

Ray & Kay Harbert

Best to all,

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